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Dr. Anthony Ogwu

Anthony Ogwu
Dr. Anthony Ogwu, photo by Dave Clift

It’s hard to write a profile of someone who doesn’t complain, especially when that person encounters innumerable problems on a daily basis and has to solve them quickly and efficiently or important clinical trials will come screeching to a halt. Continue reading

Molly Pretorius Holme – The Necessary Questions

Molly with a cheetah in South Africa, 1999

By Martha Henry

It was in a medical anthropology class at Mt. Holyoke College that Molly Holme began asking the kind of questions that influence her work at the Harvard AIDS Initiative (HAI).

“In our culture, we take for granted scientific premises like germ theory,” said Molly in a recent interview. “You have to think about how this translates into other settings when you’re trying to initiate life-saving public health measures yet the underlying beliefs about what causes illness may be completely different from your own.” Continue reading