To define HAI is really to name the many people involved with our research, education and leadership initiatives. From the principal investigators on clinical trials, to the doctoral students spending long hours in the lab, to the grant administrators in Boston and Botswana, to the Fogarty Fellows learning research skills to take back to their home countries, to the lab technicians, to the clinicians recruiting patients for new a new study, to the biostatisticians and the undergraduates traveling to Africa for the first time.

We’re grateful to the members of our International Advisory Council, who generously give their time and energy to HAI. For inspiration, we look to those who have received the HAI Leadership Award, including Arthur Ashe, Richard Holbrooke, Deeda Blair, and former President Festus Mogae of Botswana.

The list is long with people too numerous to name here who have contributed their time, energy and sense of commitment to treat those living with HIV/AIDS, to prevent new infections, and to ultimately end the epidemic.