Best Practices in HIV/AIDS Programs

"Playing with Tires" 2007, Maputo, Mozambique Photo by Cecelia, age 13, courtesy Venice Arts©
“Playing with Tires” 2007, Maputo, Mozambique Photo by Cecelia, age 13, courtesy Venice Arts©

Dr. Richard Marlink, Executive Director of the Harvard AIDS Initiative, is the Executive Editor of the recently published From the Ground Up: Building Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Care Programs in Resource-Limited Settings. This three-volume collection of best practices and lessons includes contributions from over 320 distinguished HIV/AIDS professionals from around the globe, with a special focus on sub-Saharan Africa. The book is being offered free-of-charge so that it will reach the widest possible audience, especially those involved with program implementation work “on the ground” in resource-limited settings.

“In this era of expanded funding to help implement AIDS care and prevention efforts in poor regions of our world, From The Ground Up represents the combined efforts of hundreds of experts, sharing their experiences in how to build comprehensive AIDS programs,” says Marlink. “Those ‘on the ground’ experts show that building programs is possible, and that in doing so, healthcare access and delivery is expanded.”

Each of the three volumes is named after an essential step in HIV/AIDS program implementation. Volume One, “Laying a Strong Foundation,” highlights the key elements that should be in place prior to program initiation. Volume Two, “Establishing a Framework for Success,” touches on the scientific and practical considerations for the provision of HIV-related care, treatment, and prevention services. Volume Three, “Developing Pathways and Partnerships,” looks at how, once programs have been established, implementers can ensure that services reach those who need them most.

From The Ground Up also features profiles of individuals on the front lines of the pandemic—from a community health nurse in western Kenya to the first African religious leader to publicly disclose his HIV-positive status.

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