Hope Renewed in Durban

AIDS 2016 Durban, opening session

By Scott Dryden-Peterson The 2000 International AIDS Conference in Durban was a watershed moment. Prevailing opinion turned from thinking that it was impossible to treat AIDS in Africa to believing that it was impossible and immoral not to try. Nelson Mandela, who had stepped down as president of South Africa in 1999, closed the meeting. “Let us not equivocate. A tragedy of unprecedented proportion is unfolding in Africa,” he said.…

Counting to 73,700: A Guide to Randomization

Google Earth map of Shakawe, Botswana

From: Scott Dryden-Peterson Sent: Friday, June 19, 2015 Subject: BCPP milestone Today we completed mapping of the last study community. In one of the many remarkable behind-the-scenes contributions that has made a project of this scale possible, during nights and weekends over the past 18 months, Oaitse (cc’d here) single-handedly identified and labeled ~73,700 households from Ranaka to Shakawe. We are indebted to you, Oaitse. Thanks, Scott

Videos of HAI/BHP Presenters at CROI

Missed the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) in Boston, February 22-25, 2016? No worries. You can still view videos of major HAI/BHP presentations and press conferences.

Testing the Promise of Mobile Technology

cell phone towers

By Martha Henry Problem Time is critical in much of medicine. This is especially true for pregnant HIV-infected women who want their children to be born HIV-free. About 1.4 million women with HIV become pregnant annually. If these expectant mothers begin taking antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) before the third trimester of pregnancy, their risk of passing HIV to their babies can be reduced to as low as 1%. Without ARVs, the…


On June 10th, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) honored BOTSOGO (Botswana Oncology Global Outreach program) as part of the MGH 100 awards. The event, hosted by actor and Cambridge native Matt Damon, recognized 100 individuals and organizations that are leading the fight against cancer. BOTSOGO is a collaboration among the Botswana Harvard AIDS Institute Partnership (BHP), MGH, and medical and government institutions in Botswana. The group works together to improve cancer…

The Botswana Tumor Board: Medical Expertise to Africa for the Price of a Phone Call

By Martha Henry The 39-year-old woman, vomiting and with severe abdominal pain, was admitted to the Emergency Room at a Botswana hospital. Prior to her arrival, she hadn’t been eating well and had lost a lot of weight. She had never been tested for HIV. These facts were presented a few months later at the Botswana-Harvard Tumor Board meeting, held concurrently in a conference room at the Botswana Harvard AIDS…