Spring 2017: The Botswana Harvard Partnership Turns 20 (PDF) – Essex Considers the BHP’s First Two Decades; The BHP Turns 20: Q&A with Dr. Joseph MakhemaBHP Headquarters: Where the Work HappensCelebrating 20 Years of Life-Saving Research


Spring 2016: (PDF) – Botswana Leads in HIV Treatment; The Blood in the FreezerAfter the Capture: The Care and Treatment of DataErik van WidenfeltEssex Stresses Infectious Diseases to New GradsA Field Guide to Drones for Global Health: The Good, the Bad, the UnknownSikhulile Moyo

Winter 2016: Behind the Scenes of a Complex HIV/AIDS Trial (PDFThe Botswana Combination Prevention Project: A Way to End the Epidemic?; Max Essex: The Persistent InvestigatorCounting To 73,700: A Guide to RandomizationIt Takes 30 Villages: Building Trust in a Clinical TrialA Month in Shakawe: The Field Team at WorkResearch Nomads; The Trouble of Finding People at Home: Adapting to a Mobile Society; The Inner Life of a Complex Clinical Trial; The Meaning of Ya Tsie; Greetings to You All; Acknowledgments


Summer 2015: The Young Investigators Issue (PDF) – Kathleen Wirth: In Search of the Purposeful; The Importance of Being and Having a Mentor: Q&A with Max Essex; Morgan Packer: Doing What Needs to Get Done; Raabya Rossenkhan: The Will to Make It Work; Elliot Eton: The Precocious ResearcherStudy Suggests Continuing Secondary Schooling for Girls Reduces Risk of HIV Infection


Fall 2014: Next Steps: Beyond Women and Children First (PDF) – HEU Infants: How Big and Bad Is the Problem?; Q&A with Max Essex: Infants & HIV; Dr. Anthony Ogwu; Treating Newborns: Timing Is Everything; Kiwelu’s Successful Defense

Summer 2014: The Improvements Issue (PDF) – Fast, Cheap & Sensitive: Researchers Invent Improved Drug Resistance Test; Q&A: Iain MacLeod & David Raiser; Dr. Mosepele Mosepele: Coming of Age with the Epidemic; HAI Hosts Treatment as Prevention Workshop; Remembering Joep Lange; Strengthening Efforts in Africa; BOTSOGO Honored


Fall 2013 (PDF) – Elton John Receives HAI Award; Cutting-Edge Study Launches; Clinical Trials: When Research Gets Personal; Young Researchers in Botswana; Supplements to Slow Disease Progression; HAI: The Movie; 8 Questions About AIDS

Summer 2013: AIDS Care on a Grand Scale (PDF) – Dr. Richard Marlink: Global Clinician; Q&A with Rochelle Walensky: Cost-Effective HIV Care; Models of Care: Good Grades & Unanswered Questions; Essex honored

Spring 2013: HIV & Cancer Issue (PDF) – Cancer & HIV: Scott Dryden-Peterson Explores the Connection; Q&A with Peter Piot; The Botswana Tumor Board; ; Models of Care; Should Not Telling Be a Felony?; Public Health Challenges of HIV/AIDS; Plague: The App


Fall 2012: The Network Issue (PDF) – From Terrorist Cells to Sexual Networks: Modeling Complex System; Q&A with Victor DeGruttola; Victor DeGruttola: ProfileCell Phones & Sexual Networks; Seven Steps to End Epidemic; President of Liberia Visit BHP; Alexander McCall Smith Advocates on Behalf of HAI

Spring 2012 (PDF) – The Beginning of the End of AIDS?; Using HIV Viral Load to Guide Treatment-for-Prevention Interventions; Q & A with Jacques Pepin; Profile: Molly Pretorius Holme; Excerpt from The Genome Generation; Joseph E. Brooks


Fall 2011(PDF) – AIDS@30: An International Symposium; Profile of Kate Powis; Leadership Acknowledged; Essex Recieves Lifetime Achievement Award; KITSO Trains Over 8,000; Profile of Oscar Kashala

Summer 2011(PDF) – Surprise Finding in the Newly Infected; Q&A with Max Essex: Is African AIDS Different?; Profile of Dr. Vladimir Novitsky; Michelle Obama in Botswana; Antiretroviral Therapy Protects Uninfected Partners; First Fulbright–Fogarty Fellows in Botswana

Spring 2011(PDF) – Training Healthcare Workers in Africa; Interview with Alexander McCall Smith; Profile of Neo Tapela; HAI News; HSPH Dean and Delegation Visit Africa


Winter 2010 (PDF) – Harvard President Visits the Botswana–Harvard Partnership; Interview with Rebeca Plank; Profile of Rebeca Plank; Research Opportunities for Undergrads; Best Practices in HIV/AIDS Programs; Herpes & HIV: Not What You Think

Fall 2010: The Mma Bana Issue (PDF) – Stunning Results in Protecting Infants; Interivew with Dr. Roger Shapiro; Profile of Drs. Roger Shapiro and Shahin Lockman; Now What? Applying Lessons Learned to Adult HIV Prevention; Mochudi Project Logo Contest

Spring 2010: Saturdays Is for Funerals Issue (PDF) – Virologist and Novelist Collaborate; Interview with Unity Dow; A Excerpt from Saturday Is for Funerals


Fall 2009:The Mochudi Issue (PDF) – The Mochudi Project: A Community Approach to AIDS Prevention; Kgafela: Looking Forward and Back; Interview with Dr. Max Essex; Village of Mochudi

Summer 2009: The Lab Issue (PDF) – New Findings on Drug Resistance; A Day in the Life of a Graduate Student; Q&A with Dr. Thumbi Ndung’u; Priority Number One: President Mogae Visits Harvard; Profile of Iain MacLeod

Spring 2009 (PDF) – Maurice Tempelsman Receives HAI Leadership Award; Study on Deaths Due to AIDS Policy in South Africa Makes Front Page News; Interview with Irene Kiwelu; HAI Friends Trip to Botswana


Summer 2007 (PDF) – How the BHP Came to Be; Interview with Dr. Max Essex; First Harvard Undergraduates in Botswana; Research & InterventionsEducating Southern African Parliamentarians about HIV/AIDS


Spring/Summer 2006 (PDF) – HIV AIDS Interventions in Developing Countries: Guiding Policy and Action; Discussion with Mr. Richard Smith and Dr. Max Essex; International Clinical Research Training

Winter 2006 (PDF) – No More Waiting to Know; Interview with Dr. Rosemary Musonda; Partners in the Study of Hope


Winter 2005 (PDF) – Training the Next Generation of AIDS Experts; Interview with Dr. Tanya Villafana; Partnership to Develop HIV Training Program for China

Fall 2005 (PDF) HIV Transmission and Genital Herpes; Interview with Dr. Patrick Ndase; Critical Training and Support in Botswana

Summer 2005(PDF)– The Mashi Study; Interview with Dr. Carolyn Wester; Essential Networking in HIV/AIDS Research

Spring 2005 (PDF) – Lessons Learned in Establishing a Public ARV Treatment Clinic; Interview with Dr. Claire Moffat; African Students and Researchers Share their Experiences and Hope for the Future


Fall 2004 (PDF) – KITSO AIDS Training Program; Interview with Dr. Irene Koulinska; Multivitamin Supplements Delay Progression of HIV Among Women

Summer 2004 (PDF) – The Enhancing Care Initiative’s AIDS Care Teams in Action; Interview with Dr. Jose Ricardo Ayres; Community Empowerment and Research Vitally Linked in Thailand

Spring 2004 (PDF) – Global Progrss and Hope; Interview with Dr. Edwin Zishiri


Fall 2003 (PDF) – First Volunteers Injected in Botswana HIV Vaccine Trial; Interview with Ardath Rodale; Access to Care: Challenges

Summer 2003 (PDF) – The China Project; Interview with International Advisory Council Members Soon-Young Yoon and Rick Smith