The KITSO AIDS Training Program provides sustainable and standardized training in HIV and AIDS care, crafted specifically for Botswana’s health professionals. KITSO is a collaboration of the Botswana Ministry of Health and the Botswana-Harvard Partnership (BHP) made possible through support from the African Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Partnerships (ACHAP).

When ARV therapy was first introduced in Botswana, few physicians in the country had experience in AIDS treatment. KITSO was established as Botswana’s national training program for HIV/AIDS treatment and care. The program provides training to help healthcare workers understand and apply Botswana’s national HIV/AIDS care and treatment guidelines.

Through KITSO-BHP training and front-line experience in ARV clinics, healthcare professionals in Botswana have gained the expertise and confidence to both provide ARV therapy and train other healthcare workers. KITSO-trained staff now provide ARV therapy at 32 hospital sites and 69 satellite clinics throughout the country that currently serve over 100,000 patients. To date, KITSO has trained over 5,000 healthcare workers, including doctors, nurses, midwives and pharmacists.