HAI Logos

HAI Logo leftalign - web version

HAI Logo comes in two different configurations, horizontal and centered.

Download HAI horizontal logo low res – (web)
Download HAI horizontal logo high res – (print)

Download HAI centered logo low res – (web)
Download the centered logo high res – (print)

 Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health Logos


Official School logos may be downloaded here

There are four primary logo configurations: horizontal; alternative horizontal; stacked; and centered. The relative scale and position within these marks should not be changed.

Botswana Harvard AIDS Insitute Partnership Logos

BHP Logo

Download BHP low res logo – (web)
Download BHP high res logo – (print)

Ya tsie Logo

Ya Tsie Logo

Dowload Ya tsie low res logo – (web)
Dowload Ya tsie high res logo – (print)