Greetings to You All

A BCPP truck with loudspeaker broadcasts in Shakawe.

When the field team for the Botswana Combination Prevention Project arrives in a village, loudspeakers announce the start of the study.

Our people! Greetings to you all!

We are members of the Ya Tsie study which you might have heard about already at a recent Kgotla meeting or have read about it in the flyers posted in different places in your village. This is to let you know that we have arrived in this village and this is the beginning of the study. We are here to invite and encourage you to, first, spread the message about the study. Secondly we encourage you to take part in this study whose purpose is to come up with measures which can stop the spread of HIV in the society.

Your village is amongst the 30 villages in Botswana which have been selected to take part in the study we are here for.

Good people! We all know that HIV is ravaging this country. We are perishing. Funding for treatment is not like an ever-flowing spring! If we are not doing anything, time will come when the money will not be enough or gets totally finished. That is why the three parties, the Ministry of Health Botswana, Centers for Disease Control from the United States of America and the Harvard University also from United States of America, came together to come up with ideas of the study we are talking about called Ya Tsie.

You are therefore informed that the study team will start visiting you in your households and we kindly request your participation. The testing is voluntary and it will be done in your homes. The testing is done in private. I would like to emphasize: You will be tested in private.

We kindly request your positive reception!