Excerpt from the Genome Generation

  In her new book, The Genome Generation, journalist Elizabeth Finkel explores what we’ve learned in the ten years since the complete sequencing of the human genome. Her chapter on HIV/AIDS features Dr. Max Essex, Chair of HAI, and his work examining the genetics of the people of southern Africa, where the epidemic has hit hardest.

Molly Pretorius Holme – The Necessary Questions

Molly with a cheetah in South Africa, 1999

By Martha Henry It was in a medical anthropology class at Mt. Holyoke College that Molly Holme began asking the kind of questions that influence her work at the Harvard AIDS Initiative (HAI). “In our culture, we take for granted scientific premises like germ theory,” said Molly in a recent interview. “You have to think about how this translates into other settings when you’re trying to initiate life-saving public health…

Joseph E. Brooks

We sadly note the passing in January of Joseph E. Brooks, a longtime supporter of HAI and a member of our International Advisory Council (IAC). According his obituary in The New York Times, Mr. Brooks “doubled the size of the Lord & Taylor chain and made its flagship New York store a showplace of spectacle, including elaborate retail stagecraft and a daily morning rendition of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner.’”

The Beginning of the End of AIDS?

To┬ámark the 30th anniversary of AIDS, Harvard convened an international symposium in December, AIDS@30: Engaging to End the Epidemic. Leading researchers, activists and government officials from around the world gathered to discuss what we have learned from AIDS and how to apply those lessons to end the epidemic. Dr. Harvey Fineberg, President of the Institute of Medicine and former Dean of the Harvard School of Public Health, presented a summary…

Q&A with Jacques Pepin

In his book, The Origin of AIDS, Dr. Jacques Pepin looks back at the events that triggered the emergence of HIV/AIDS in Africa and its subsequent development into a modern pandemic. He shows how the disease was first transmitted from chimpanzees to man, and then how colonization, urbanization, prostitution, and public health campaigns combined to fuel the spread of the HIV.